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Access to high-quality oncology care across Europe

Hofmarcher T, Jönsson B & Wilking N

Oncology care in Europe is facing challenging circumstances. The report aims to derive evidence-based policy recommendations on how to optimize access to oncology care and how to achieve a high-quality standard that is both achievable and sustainable.

The report looks at the full cancer patient pathway encompassing primary prevention, screening, diagnostics and treatment. Special emphasis is placed on access to effective screening programs as well as on access to innovative drug treatments. Barriers that prevent access to effective oncology care are identified and determinants of a high-quality standard in care established.

The analysis focuses on three common cancer types - colorectal, lung and prostate cancer - and four EU member states - France, Germany, Poland and Sweden. The health-economic burden of cancer is reviewed and countries’ performance on the established access and quality principles assessed and compared.

This report was commissioned and funded by Janssen Pharmaceutica NV and based on independent research delivered by IHE. Janssen has had no influence or editorial control over the content of this report, and the views and opinions of the authors are not necessarily those of Janssen.

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Lund, Sweden: IHE Report 2014:2
ISSN: 1651-7628 eISSN: 1651-8187

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