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Direct and indirect costs for psychotic illness in Sweden

Hjortsberg C, Helldin L, Hjärthag F & Löthgren M

In this study the direct and indirect costs for a defined patient population with psychotic illness in Sweden was estimated.

The cost analyses are based on data from the Clinical Long-term Investigation of Psychosis in Sweden (CLIPS), which was an ongoing, single-centre, epidemiological study at the time of this study. A “bottom-up” costing approach was used to estimate the total costs for schizophrenia, schizoaffective and delusional disorders in Sweden for 2007. Resource use were captured for the patients during one year.

199 patients with a mean age of 51 (63% men) were followed for 12 months. They had a mean (median) of 6.4 (0) inpatient-days, 1.4 (1.2) physician visits, 18.6 (8.4) nurse visits, 1.2 (0) counsellor visits and 6.3 (1.2) visits to other staff including tests and diagnostic procedures per patient- year. The mean cost in our study amounted to 578,000 per patient year which translates to an estimated cost of illness of 16.8 billion SEK for Sweden.

Schizophrenia and related disorders significantly interferes with professional activities and as a result, the total burden on society is great. A reallocation has taken place the last 15 years, between different cost items, from direct costs to indirect costs and from in-patient care at hospitals to out-patient care and assistance at home.

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